“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.”

John 1:1-2

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Is ABC registered in Rwanda?

Yes. All the Bible in Community (ABC-Rwanda) is a faith-based organization officially created on 13th August 2017 and now fully incorporated under Rwandan Laws regulating faith-based organizations as a “ministry.” The Organization was issued its Certificate of Operation by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) on 07/12/2017 through Operational Certificate No. 117/RGB/FBO/OC/12/2017 on 07/12/2017. It was then awarded legal personality under the Law N°72/2018 of 31/08/2018 determining the organization and functioning of faith-based organizations, and Regulations of Rwanda Governance Board No. 001 of 08/03/2019, through Order No. 82/RGB/FBO/LP/11/2019 on 06/11/2019 published in the Official Gazette n° Special of 04/03/2020.

How is ABC-Rwanda governed?

As a faith-based “ministry,” ABC is governed in accordance with relevant provisions of the Law N°72/2018 of 31/08/2018 determining the organisation and functioning of faith-based organisations in Rwanda, particularly article 31 which determines what the Statutes governing a ministry must contain. In line with article 31 of the law and ABC Statutes, the governance of ABC comprises three organs each of which is independent: the Executive Committee, the financial audit committee, and the organ responsible for conflict resolution. The plenary is the General Assembly (the Board) which is the supreme organ of the Ministry.

Is ABC registered in the US?

In the U.S. ABC is legally under the Imago Dei Community Church as one of its ministries under their “elder on mission” Dr. G. All donations go through Imago Dei and qualify for tax deductions. They send out tax giving receipts at the end of the year.

What is ABC’s theological stance?

ABC is an evangelical organization in beliefs. Our doctrinal statement emphasizes the inerrant Scriptures which point to Christ, the God-man. Salvation is by grace and through faith. We minister with all biblical organizations and seek to be interdenominational. We seek to teach and protect the basic tenants of the Christian faith. We stress that all believers should read and learn the Scriptures in our effort to “wipe out biblical illiteracy.”

Is ABC a church?

ABC is registered in Rwanda as a “faith-based organization” (Ministry) not a church. Our goal is to help all gospel believing churches to know the Scriptures. We seek to serve all denominations and hope to be a catalyst to tangible unity between believing churches.

Does ABC have financial accountability?

Our legal standing is under Imago Dei Community church. They are entrusted with protecting all of the donations which come to ABC. Dr. G is their “elder on mission” who is also accountable to the elders of the church. Funds move directly from Imago Dei Church to ABC-Rwanda. In Rwanda the ABC board is audited regularly to assure accountability.

ABC-Rwanda holds steadfast in its pursuit of exceptional transparency, accountability, and financial integrity, standing as a beacon for those who believe in our mission. Our esteemed Board Audit Committee conducts meticulous annual audits, providing an uncompromising measure of our financial stewardship. Furthermore, we also actively engage the expert insight of independent external auditors regularly, as part of our pledge to ensure the utmost efficiency and effectiveness of every contribution we receive.

Does ABC have a board?

ABC-U.S. has a board which is ultimately responsible to Imago Dei Church. This board is moving toward non-profit status when it will be independent from the church. The board has chosen Dr. G as its U.S. director who is responsible to the board.

What is the relationship between ABC-Rwanda and ABC-US?

ABC has two distinct organizations. There is no board over both ABC-U.S. and ABC-Rwanda. Rather these are separate organizations are united in purpose and heart that is expressed in an MOU. This agreement recognizes the U.S. as responsible for fundraising and assuring that there is accountability for all funds. ABC-Rwanda is responsible for all ministry decisions on the ground and how the funds are distributed.

Does ABC plan on starting a theological school?

ABC believes that Rwanda needs an “international-level Bible college”. Currently, ABC is supporting the accredited Bible colleges and other teaching ministries to become theologically strong. This may lead to a future theological school, but at present the focus is on helping the current theological structures to excellence.

How can I start an ABC Bible Group?

These oral Bible reading groups have been embraced across Rwanda because they are oral, they are community-based and they are filled with prayer response to the truths in Scripture. They are free and simple in structure. If you have 5 or more people, you can gather regularly to read aloud and stop every two chapters to read verses that helped you and pray in response. If you desire help from ABC to create and run these groups, have a look at the info under our Ministry page, then contact us directly.

Am I eligible to host a pastoral training?

ABC does not recruit individual students for its pastor training. ABC recruits groups (e.g. denominations) who have 40 pastors who need training. To qualify, a group must have (1) 40 pastors selected by your leaders, (2) a venue near the pastors, (3) ability to feed and house the pastors on location for five days in six seminars during a year-long program. If you can do this, ABC brings excellent biblical education at no cost. We cover the costs of our transport, our teachers, our housing, our meals. We also provide each student with training notes and seven textbooks in Kinyarwanda. If you wish to host a pastoral training through your denomination, please contact us.

How can I partner with ABC?

Many groups support ABC and ABC supports many groups. A partnership, however, is more than this. A partnership exists when both groups provide something valuable to the other partner. Ideally, both groups are stronger from the partnership and the relationship is clear and written to assure administrative cohesion. One of ABC’s goals is to seek healthy partnerships to avoid inventing the wheel more than once and to reduce the funds needed to function effectively. To find out how you can enter a partnership with ABC, please contact us.

What do others say about ABC?

“ABC is making a difference for pastors in Rwanda who have previously had no options for theological training. I know their Rwandan leadership well and expect God to do great things through them.” Dr. Warwick Cole-Edwards, Founder and Principal of Kwa Zulu Natal Missionary and Bible College, Director of Footprints into Africa.

“I love the work of ABC! Seriously, one of the great needs in our world today is meeting the need of biblical illiteracy. I believe ABC is doing just that. Through the work of ABC, pastors and lay people alike are receiving opportunities to not only read Scripture, but be trained in biblical education. Having met the ABC leadership team through my travels to Rwanda, I can attest to the great work they are doing. Thank you ABC!” Dr. Greg Burch, Chair of Global Studies, Multnomah University.

“I am so thankful for the work that ABC is doing in Rwanda. Seeing people engage in the Bible and the training of Pastors is one of our highest passions as a church. Our partnership with ABC allows this work to extend around the world. I have had the privilege of being in Rwanda several times and have seen their work in person. It is a joy to know lives are being changed through the ministry of the gospel!” Dr. James Gleason, Discipleship Pastor, Sonrise Church, Hillsboro, OR, Executive Director, Church Venture Northwest.

 “We are working with ABC to increase theological strength in Rwanda. We have first-hand interaction with their Rwandan leadership team and commend them to you for your support. They are trustworthy, mission-minded, strategic, and effective. They’re also finishing theological degrees at top seminaries. Their future is bright. We are thrilled to support the ministry of ABC in their vital work.” Rob Trenckmann, Director, Newton House, Oxford, Union Theological Seminary.

“The Bible Project has found a kindred spirit in ABC. We both want the Scripture to be taught—showing how they are united and point to Christ. We have a prayer relationship with them and commend their ministries to wipe out biblical illiteracy in Rwanda and Africa.” Jon Collins, co-founder and director of The Bible Project